SALAY, MIS. OR., 2021, Mar 30 — The Local Government Unit of Salay Celebrates the National Women’s Month CY 2021 with the theme, “Juana Laban sa Pandemya: Kaya!”.

As a celebration of Women’s Month, the Tinagaan Women’s Association rendered a dance presentation during the Monday Convocation of LGU-Salay on March 29, 2021, at Salay Gymnasium. Also, Mayor Jun Capistrano praises and recognizes all the efforts and strength of all the empowered women globally.

To show recognition of all the empowered women employee of LGU-Salay (Local and National) that played a strong role in the frontline services in the municipality, Mayor Jun gave a well deserved paid one (1) day Day-Off on March 31, 2021, and a simple token of appreciation in a form of the cash incentive. He also gave cash incentives to the retired female LGU employees which also contribute to the success of the municipality.

The MSWDO also gave cupcakes and coffees to all the women employees of LGU-Salay.

Buswak Salay!