SALAY, MIS. OR., 2021, Mar 3 — Official installation of Mrs. Beverly Hazel T. Saligumba, as the new School Principal of Salay National High School (SNHS) by Schools Division Superintendent, Mr. Jonathan Dela Peña.

Present during the activity was Mayor Jun Capistrano, as his way of showing support to the plans and programs of SNHS and to personally congratulate Mrs. Saligumba, a true-blooded Salayano, as the new school principal of SNHS.

SDS Dela Peña expressed his gratitude towards Mayor Jun, for giving full support to all the programs of DepEd.

On the same day, Mayor Jun Capistrano officially turned over the Drum and Lyre Instruments which was donated by the Local Government Unit of Salay to the SNHS Drum and Lyre Corps.