SALAY, MIS. OR., 2021, June 11 —The DSWD 10 KALAHI CIDSS-NCDDP in the person of Regional Community Development Specialist (RCDS)-Mr. Rogelio Alabado and Regional Finance Analyst-Ms. Genevie Adem conducted a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on Enrollment Documents for KALAHI-CIDSS: NCDDP Additional Financing of the Local Government Unit of Salay which was participated by Salay Local Chief Executive-Mayor Jun Capistrano, SB Members, MLGOO-Mr. Rey Gilbert Caprecho, and the rest of the Salay Municipal Inter-Agency Committee (MIAC).

An open forum was done after the presentations. Additional concerns and suggestions regarding the enrollment for KC NCDDP AF and Local Counterpart Contribution (LCC) were raised during the focus group discussion.