SALAY, MIS. OR., 2021, June 8 — The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)-10 in the person of Mr. Jesryl Cale, RSW PDO-II, Focal Person of Yakap Bayan Program (YBP), and Ms. Jeizha Rae Rebuta, RSW Focal Person on Marketing and Orientation of Completed Social Technology Projects conducted an orientation/marketing activity on Yakap Bayan Program (YBP), Sheltered Workshop for Older Persons, Persons With Disability (PWD), and Youth Productivity Service (YPS), here at the Local Government Unit of Salay.

“These social technologies intend to improve the social conditions of the vulnerable and disadvantaged sectors of our society” (DSWD X – Social Technology).

The orientation was participated by Mayor Jun Capistrano, MSWD Officer Mrs. Maria Corina Ventura, RSW, and MSWDO and MPDO personnel.

We would like to extend our earnest gratitude to the DSWD for the unfaltering support to our local government. Mabuhay!

Buswak Salay!