Message from

Mayor Angelo G. Capistrano, JR.
Hon. Angelo G. Capistrano, Jr.
Municipal Mayor


I am delighted to welcome you to the official website of the Municipality of Salay.

With technology taking more steps further as time goes by, I believe it is a good move for us to also take a step further. Hence, we were inspired to utilize what technology have to offer, and fashioned this website to advocate transparency, to develop the availability of services, and for a timely broadcast of relevant informations. In other words, this website was intended to make governance as efficient as it needed be.

Even so, this site is only but a tool to channel development. The main key for development is the cooperation of the people. I encourage everyone to dismiss our differences and to live together in harmony and in peace. Take action as one for Salay. Take action as one with Salay.

Buswak Salay!